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FROM docker:19.03.5-dind
# Force Docker daemon to not start with the TLS support since this is not
# supported when running jobs with the Kubernetes runner.
# To make tls working, a volume should be shared between the build and dind containers to make
# certificates created by Docker visibile in the build container (See [1]).
# However, there is not way to do this using the Helm chart (see [2], [3]).
# [1]
# [2]
# [3]
# Force Docker daemon to use mtu=1350 because this is the value
# supported in FIWARE
CMD ["--mtu=1350"]
......@@ -3,3 +3,8 @@
An Docker-DinD image customized to be used as helper service in GitLab CI jobs.
The customizations applied to the official Docker DinD image are:
- disable TLS because with TLS enabled certificates should be shared between the DinD container and the container that executes the build, but this is not supported yet by the Kubernetes runner (see Dockerfile for more information);
- set MTU to 1350 because this is the supported value in FIWARE.
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