Welcome to the CYBELE Project Support Center

The main channel to request support is to send an email to the Service Desk at:


This is an automated email account that creates a request ticket in our internal GitLab ticketing system. The support team will receive the request and work to provide an answer/solution as soon as possible. The sender will receive notifications by email for every update to her request and will be able to provide more information replying to the received emails.

Beside the support email, there are few other ways that the users can use to obtain support.

CYBELE Dashboard Feedback Button

A feedback button is available in the bottom-right corner of all dashboard pages. Clicking on the button, the user has the possibility to send a request to the support team.


Internally, requests are received by an external server (feeder.sh) and sent to the the Service Desk. It is important to provide a valid email address because any update to the request will be sent to that email address.

Shared CYBELE Technical Issues Sheet

A shared Google Sheet is available for users to describe their issues:


The support team will monitor the requests and will dispatch them to the most appropriate persons in the project to provide support.

CYBELE GitLab Tickets

It is possible to register to the ticketing system used by the CYBELE project (GitLab) and issue new support requests directly here:

Create New Issue

This way provide a more fine grain control over the request (e.g. attachment upload, recipients).

If you are working in the CYBELE project and have the appropriate permissions in GitLab, you can also open a ticket directly in component sub-projects to contact directly the developers of that component.

Other contact channels

Other, more generic way of contacting CYBELE project members are: