Commit 95e2239d authored by Giannis Tsapelas's avatar Giannis Tsapelas
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add table column name at query info

parent a9b1cf29
......@@ -448,9 +448,9 @@ def get_query_info(request, query_id):
for col in from_clause['select']:
if not col['exclude']:
if col['type'] == 'VALUE':
variables.append({'title':col['title'], 'name_in_query': col['name']})
variables.append({'title':col['title'], 'name_in_query': col['name'], 'column_in_db': Variable.objects.get(pk=int(from_clause['type'])).name})
dimensions.append({'title':col['title'], 'name_in_query': col['name']})
dimensions.append({'title':col['title'], 'name_in_query': col['name'], 'column_in_db': Dimension.objects.get(pk=int(col['type'])).name})
columns = {'variables': variables, 'dimensions': dimensions}
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