Commit 2b4d602a authored by Giannis Tsapelas's avatar Giannis Tsapelas
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aggregator admin fields

parent 6b04b4fd
......@@ -6,22 +6,25 @@ from aggregator.models import *
class DatasetAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
# fields = ("title", "description", "order", "table_name", "temporalCoverageBegin", "temporalCoverageEnd", "observations", "publisher", "update_frequency", "db_user")
fields = ("metadata_id", "title", "description", "order", "stored_at", "table_name", "private", "spatialEast",
"spatialSouth", "spatialNorth", "spatialWest", "temporalCoverageBegin", "temporalCoverageEnd",
"license", "observations", "publisher", "update_frequency", "db_user"), DatasetAdmin)
class DimensionAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
fields = ("variable", "name", "title", 'unit', 'description',
'dataType', 'original_column_name'), DimensionAdmin)
class VariableAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
fields = ("dataset", "name", "title", 'unit',
'description', 'dataType', 'original_column_name'), VariableAdmin)
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