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Update Dockerfile,, .gitlab-ci.yml files

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- project: 'resengit/gitlab/pipeline-helpers'
ref: main
file: '/pipelines/standard.yml'
ARG DATA_CONTAINER="cloudsuite3/movielens-dataset:4.0"
FROM $DATA_CONTAINER as datasource
FROM cloudsuite3/in-memory-analytics:4.0
COPY --from=datasource /data /data
# in-memory-analytics
Alternative packaging for the Cloudsuite In Memory Analytics benchmark.
Originally, it is packages as two containers:
- cloudsuite3/movielens-dataset: the container that contains the dataset
- cloudsuite3/in-memory-analytics: the contaienr that run the test
Since the first one is a data-only container, in Docker it is used with the "--from-volumes" flag. Since this option is not portable to Kubernetes, we decided to repackage the whole test in a single container
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